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Welcome to Sushi One, a family-owned restaurant located in the European-style village in North Raleigh. The restaurant is our passion project—plates and bowls of delicious food paired with exquisite drinks from brilliant people.


Our menu fills with delicious dishes telling culinary stories of East Asia. We feature the best of Sushi, Noodles, Ramen, Thai Food, Grill food, and Pho. We pride ourselves on offering quality, fresh ingredients, and various options to suit all taste buds.


We believe in freshness and quality and strive to give our guests an unforgettable experience. Our attentive and friendly staff are here to ensure your meal is everything you want it to be. So come and visit us today and let the flavors of Sushi One take you on a culinary journey.


​TUES       $3 Domestic Beers
                 $4 Imported Beers
D        $4 Hot Sake
 $5 Hana Sake
                 Lychee / Apple (Glass)
                 20% off Sake BL
THURS    50% off Red & White Wine
SUN         $5 Sake Boom


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